Need help with glass fogged up?(pics included)...


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This is my first salt water build it will be a FOWLR setup. After me and my friend re-siliconed the tank i noticed that the glass is a bit fogged up in the corner. Ive tried cleaning the glass but it keeps coming back. Will this go away once i have the tank completely setup or is there a way that i can get rid of this?

here are some pics...





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you are going to need a new razor blade and some elbow greese to get rid of that stuff.

ive had it happen before, it sucks but will come off.


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I tried vinegar and several razors and nothing. a friend of mine recommended muriatic acid. should I try it?


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Make sure that there is water in the tank before you use a razor blade on it. This can be fresh water, but when the glass is dry you run the risk of scratching the surface.


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Muratic acid (diluted with water) may help if its calcium carbonate build up - but so would vinegar. If its residual silicon I doubt that vinegar or muratic acid is going to do much/if anything. Good old fashion razor blade would be might on my list.