Need help with Lighting times for MH, T5, and PC


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I have 2-250w metal halides (14000 phoenix), 1-T5 (actinic), and 4-32W PC (actinics) on my 120 gallon reef. Was wondering what time periods I should setup for each type. The reason I have the PC are because they are in a pendant with the metal halides. I also have moonlights that are on at night.
So I was thinking of running the metal halides from 12pm to 8pm or should I make this a shorter time period?
I was planning on starting the T5 (actinic) at 9am and maybe starting up the PCs at 10:30am to get the dawn effect and wanted them to run after the metal halides turned off for the dusk effect. Should I run the T5 and/or the PCs all day along with the metal halides or turn them off and then back on at a later point in the day?
Some time examples for each type of light would be great or any other suggestions.