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Hello fellow reefers! I'm fairly new to the hobby and in desperate need on what percentage to run my white and blue lights as well as their duration. My tank has been up for approx 1 yr. The tank is 20" deep, the lights sits on top of my tank using the legs that came with the light. The light is approx 8 3/4" from the water line.

My light is a 48" Maxspect Razor R420R 300W 16K LED. I lowered the percentage of the blues and whites to 40% each with stays on for approx 6 hrs. They ramp down to just all blues at 75% for the rest of the night til about midnight.

I currently have some birds nest at top of my tank which are doing well. However, I'm having a difficult time keeping montis and chalice alive. My red/pink montis have lost its photo flourescent and have turned brown in the middle. Theses are in the middle to lower part of my tank. As for my green monti, I've noticed the edges are also starting to turn brown. This one is placed on the top part of the tank towards the back.

Any help or suggestions would be great.
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I would start lower on the percentages. Put them in the 20's for a few weeks. Then slowly ramp up