Need help with PC selection

Mighty Quinn

New member
Greetings Everyone,

I just upgraded the ballast in my 25 gallon CPR LT3 from a 2 X 55W PC to a 2 X 96W PC. I am now trying to select the appropriate combination of 96W quad lamps. Unlike metal halide bulbs, there does not seem to be much information on choosing power compact bulbs.

How does one select the correct spectral combination for these lamps?

I don't believe there are many choices when using the power quad 96W lamps. If they offer a full actinic, I would go with one of those and the other lamp 10k, that way you'll be able to use a dawn/dusk period and still get a good amount of 10k. Other than that I would just go 50/50's with each bulb.