Need help with remote access and Reeftronics


New member
Hi Russ, hopefully you are monitoring.....

I'm user Lars N on reeftronics. I recently moved my office and getting set up on new network. I have my Apex functioning and wired into network, but I'm having issues setting up remote access. Your diagnostic says:

"Port 8050 on is closed and does not respond.
Most likely, port forwarding in your router has not been configured, or is not working properly, or the controller default gateway is set incorrectly."

I'm using a Netgear r6300 router and have set up portforwarding, rebooted everything twice, and can't seem to get the forwarding to work.

Any ideas on troubleshooting this thing? Any help would be appreciated.

Will also need to update my reeftronics page with the new addresses, but couldn't see how to do that.