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I have a rock that has what I thought was green hair algae(maybe it is) but when I went to pluck it it was hard as he>>. Does anyone have any clue what it could be and how to get rid of it thanks.

Captain skip

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is it like turf grass? if so then i think it's called turf algae

i had some it was hard to pull off the rock, and it grow pretty fast. not sure what causes it, when i first started reefing i saw it growing on a rock and thought it was cool until it started growing out of control, i just took the rock out and put it in the sump. even if you pull it off it still comes back...


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i am not sure if this might pertain to this topic, but wasn't there a method floating around that cooks the rocks that you can get rid of everything? of course you have to detach the coral first...


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Just cut the leather off, rubber band it to a new rock, and toss that one in the backyard if that is easier for you.


Just get a stick like the kind you use for corn on the cob push it thru the stem and rubberband it to a new rock :)
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