need help


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Planning to order tank this wk.
Tank size is 96x36x30. peninsula layout.
Two center overflow (evenly divided) or
End overflow.
Which one should I go with?


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If it was me I would go with the End overflows. This is how I am going to do my 60X33X24.


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i was just thinking, it would leave more options if i decide to lay it out differently or if i sell the tank in the future...


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the engineer at tenecor recommended two overflow to maximize top skimming. should that make my decision? what do you think?


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I have the same tank, with one prefilter on the one end.. That's it..

I just drilled a hole for a closed loop at the bottom on the other end of the tank, have it blow water towards the skimmer :)



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I like how Aquatouchs and Pauls tanks look with the end overflows. Just a closed loop in the center. It looks better and you don't have to work the rock around it.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10404717#post10404717 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by dream54ing
the engineer at tenecor recommended two overflow to maximize top skimming. should that make my decision? what do you think?

I think you can organize your flow patterns to make it work with a single overflow.

And I'd use a Calfo style overflow on one end. Nice and clean.


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End overflow will look better IMO, then you will not be stuck piling rocks to cover the thing.

If you need help moving it, let me know.

Hows the crab doing? Start smoking yet?


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with everyone suggestion, i've went with the end overflow. im also getting 4-1.5 holes drilled for a cl. is that enough?

bill, i might take you up on that offer. ive ordered it and totally forgot about unloading it at home. the tank is schedule to finish on thurs. aug 9th. i think they told me to pick up on mon aug 13th. i want to see if i can pick up on the 9th. are you free during that time?
the crab is doing great. i only see him once in awhile, but he is one beautiful crab.

anyone else might be free to lend a hand? i'm not sure how many hands i need...


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dang i dont even have 5-6 friends in Az!!!
thanks bill. lmk what day works for you and i'll schedule accordingly.
thanks again!
free beer and pizza anyone?


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After 5 months of running a 6ft x2ft x2ft penninsula with an end overflow, I realized that I was just not getting adequate flow to the opposite end. I had two outputs down there, but it wasn't enough.

I ended up adding a manifold around the top with 9 outputs. Now it is perfect. I would highly recommend it as long as you are doing a canopy.

What kind of pump are you going to use on your closed loop? How many of those holes will be for the intake?

Those dimensions sound SO COOL. I wish I could help you move it, but I am weak and clumsy. lol Can't wait to see pics!


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I think I'm going to be out o town then... if not I can come and probably drag a friend or 2 with me. LMK when you get an exact date.


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not planning to do a canopy. i want to do some type of steel cable with a nice fixture. looking at this one:|1978|1919|2036|0&id=43407&
what you think?
not sure how it will look on a acrylic tank open top

i'm using a sequence baracuda with two in and out. its rated for 4300gph

ryan, most likely i will be getting the green light to pick up on mon the 13th. not sure how tenecor is with their timings. i will try calling them thurs to get a more acturate date.
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A huge help on moving large items like that tank is a floor dolly. I bought one when I bought my 150g tank and it saved our backs since you only have to lift it onto the dolly and then lift it off. I've got one you can use and I should be able to help you move it if it's on a Monday evening. You can buy a wooden floor dolly at Harbor Freight for around $20 and they are sure a nice thing to have around for any kind of heavy furniture, ect. moving.

Sounds like it will be an awesome tank. Can't wait to see it loaded up with corals!