Need input for new 50g build


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Hello to all,

Currently I'm running a 7g nano which was started 7 months ago and I'm currently planning on switching to a 50g system.

Everyone said that I should've gone bigger right from the start, but I didn't know anything about aquariums and I didn't want to buy a ton of expensive equipment and then realize that's not a hobby for me.

However, I very much enjoy this hobby and I think I've learned a lot in the meantime, meaning it is now time to upgrade.

The DT will be 90x50x40cm (approx 35.5x20x16 inches) with around 42 gal net water volume. I plan on having a sump and drilling the tank, but I have no idea on how to run all the piping, how to make the sump, how big to make it and other important decisions.

Is there anyone that could offer some suggestions? The tank will be made to order with pre-drilled holes, same goes for the sump but I don't know what to tell them for the sump - what dimensions, what baffles or compartments (whatever it's called) to put in there etc.

I do have a little eqiupment from the current tank, I have a skimmer (Tunze 9005) and an ATO, and I know I would need a return pump, a new bigger heater, possibly filter socks... any other suggestions? Refugium? What are your thoughts and what advice can you offer?



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Make the sump as big as you have room for. Which typically would be a little smaller than your DT so it will fit in the stand that you DT will be on, unless you plan on doing a remote sump plumbed to another room or even next to the DT.


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Here is a basic design, the dimensions of the sump and each of the compartments will be determined by the equipment you have or plan on using.


The water level will be just above the first baffle or approximately at the half way mark of the sump. The skimmer section only needs to be big enough to fit the footprint of the skimmer of your choice. same goes for the return pump section.