Need input on my outputs. (Internal sump plumbing)


I have to re-arrange the internal plumbing of my sump. I have never given a lot of thought on the placement of all the incoming and out going pumps and I know some of my placements are wrong.

Would appreciate some input.

The sump is 24x40 that flows with a S pattern. Flow is probably close to 2000 GPH , water is 6" deep.

Present order:

1. Returns from main tank
2. Forced through Carbon bags
3. Return from laggoon refugium
4. Lots of baffles
5. Skimmer feed pump
6. Calcium reactor feed pump
7. Rowphos reactor feed pump
8. All my temp, ph, orp sensors.
9. Skimmer return.
10. rowphos return
11. Heater.
12. Return flow chamber, with 2 one inch bulkheads about 24" apart. Between these two is my water level sensors.
13. At the mouth of one bulkhead is my Nielson Output, this is split with 2/3 going to main tank by way of the chiller, balance of flow goes to laggon tank.
14. Other bulkhead goes to main tank, with the calcium reactor drippings.

I am replumbing to get the refugium return to come in later in the flow.

I guess my main question is about the placement of the two reactor feeds. Should these be after my skimmer return so that I feed my reactors with skimmed water?

Thanks in advance.