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Any suggestions on what to get? I have a 100 gallon tank with 1 tang, one pigmy angel a pair of percula and a cardinal fish. I need maybe three more but i also need something that will not be bullied by the Tang and the angel. Appreciate the suggestions.



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A pseudochromis would add a splash of color - the fridmani are nice.

Or you could get a sixline wrasse - they're always fun to watch as they poke around in the rocks.

If you're not planning on any shrimp, a flame hawk has great personality.

A yellow-tailed blue damsel would go with that group fine, and add a color you may not have.

If you're got some substrate, a watchman goby/pistol shrimp pair are fun to have.

Well, that about covers some of the easier fish. If you have a theme or idea on where you want to go with your tank, there might be some other selections commonly available.