Need powerhead advice


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I want to upgrade my tank with 2 new decent powehead units and retire my weak one to my 35gal mixing/storage container. I want some pretty good flow and some surface turbulence as well. I would also like to keep a nice variety of corals.
I really like the Tunze units but WOW! I do not have a sump mainly because Im not sure I understand the entire concept except for increased water volume and more potential biofiltration.
My basic setup is listed below for the 72.

What are some good models to consider?...................Oz


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Well for starters, a sump concept is easy. It might be one of those things that you need to see to understand:) One you see one and see how it works, you'll have no trouble installing one.

As far as the powerhead issue, it depends on your budget. Sure tunze and vortech are expensive, but they are nice. the Hydor Korilas are making a big splash and are affordable. MJmods are also up there.

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Hop is right the sump is very easy to come about. Its just a tank with some baffles:D . I vouch for the MJ's I'm trying them out right now. Was going to buy some Tunze's, but hey these work just fine so why spend the extra money?


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Last year before Christmas I bought two MJ mod kits and my husband fixed them up. I haven't been happy with them and really wish I would of just spent the little extra and bought two Tunze's.

As far as a sump goes, I didn't understand how it worked until I saw one working. I'm a visual learner so just being told how it worked didn't help me. If you're at all considering one I highly suggest going that route. Really nice to have everything out of sight.



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3-5 times the system volume through the sump per hour. As far as the rest of the flow, that's up to you. 10,20,30X is not rare. It depends on what you house and how it's laid out in your tank.


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Tunze nanostreams had some bugs in the early batch, they now seemed to have fixed them. TunzeUSA is known to have one of the best customer services and warranty. Check out the "Tunze Nano Mod" thread to find out some very easy ways to mod the 6025 or 6045 to pump out over 1200 gph and uses only 7W, very little heat put in the tank.

But the reason I post in here is to say I have come to believe that sump may not be that of an advantage in the future. Most European tanks do not use sumps, equipment made in Europe take that into consideration and are used in tank without being an eye sore. The best part of in tank filtration is safety and energy saving.

If I ever get to upgrade to a larger tank, I will ditch the sump idea and go completely in tank design, of course the tank itself will be custom made to have compartments to hide equipment from view. Tunze modular equipment are one of the perfect examples of the in-tank gears, highly efficient both in energy use and filtration, yet low profile.

Cost of course is a big concern but if you are in this hobby long enough you always end up going higher end hardware, after cheapo ones fail to meet expectation.