Need some advice on flow issues


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Hi, long time no post, but I need advice. Due to an aptasia invasion, I am restarting my 180 (cycling as we speak with my fish and corals in temporary housing). It's a peninsula style acryllic 180 (6'x2'x2') with the overflow box at one end. The overflow box is 15" wide and 8" deep so there's 4" on either side of it (plenty of room to mount circulation pumps). I am trying to get the right flow without adding plumbing to the far side. My pump is pushing 3000gph. Previously I had 2 pretty powerful circulation pumps on each side of the overflow box, but there were still lots of dead spaces especially at the far end. One thing I was thinking about was to use 2 gyre pumps mounted vertically on each side of the overflow. Looking at images of how these work, that might do it, but do you think even the strongest ones (icecap 4k for example) push enough water to be effective for the 6' span? Since the tank is viewable from both sides, my rock formation will be down the center, so having strong flow along the 6' walls should be OK. The water comes out the center of the overflow box just an inch or two under the surface.

Corals are mostly mushrooms, leathers and zoos and I run 4 AI Hydra 26's. I have 4 tangs and 4 other small fish. I travel a lot so I keep everything as automated as possible. I apologize for the long post but I thought it would be better to provide more info. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated. I will try and upload a couple of pictures.