Need some advice


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I purchased Kegos 60 cube set up in Jan and it has been running fine until recently. It seems the impeller on both my skimmer and return pump are needing replaced. Cleaning didn't help. I have never had to replace an impeller before so asking if I should replace the impellers or replace the units? The pump is an Oceanrunner/aquamedic OR3500. Impeller is $52 plus shipping or I can replace with a new Sicce or something for $80-120. The Reef Octopus Xp-1000sss has slowed down and stopped until I sanded the plastic magnet case. Still slow and know it will fail soon. New impeller is $80 plus shipping. I'm happy with both when working. Can I expect a few more years of operation or should I just get something new with a warranty while stuff is on sale?