Need Some Food Ideas


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I recently purchased three gold assessors. Quickly becoming a favorite fish of mine with their unique swimming methods. :)

Anyways, I'm needing some ideas. They seem to be lazy with their food, meaning that they don't like to have to really chew it. Hikari mysis, brine shrimp, etc. are out the door because they are too big... The only thing they are eating for me right now is Nutramar Ova, but only the individual eggs. They will take the little clusters of eggs that don't separate only to spit them back out and ignore them. I'm curios what other foods their are that are about the same size as Nutramar Ova that I could get and try feeding. BBS were too small...

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Most fish go nuts for the cyclopeeze. You could also try some Dianici marine fx baby sinking pellets. They're pretty small and contyain cylop-eeze. Or New Life Spectrum pellets.