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Hey everyone. Havnt posted in ages so I'm kinds outta the loop. I have a vertex 200i skimmer with the askol 200i pump. It's been acting up like crazy, not skimming. So I took it apart and citric acid soaked it for 24 hours and rinsed and put it back together. And it's still doing it. So I'm going to need a new pump. What's a viable replacement pump for this skimmer? Thanks


Hey Brent! Not 100% sure if it's a direct fit (might require some fitting) but I'd start with the VarioS 4s. These are great pumps plus its DC so it'll be quieter and controllable. Good luck!
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Brent, what type of pump fitting do you have to adapt a replacement pump to. That may help make recommendations.


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Nope. Citric acid washed everything. I wish it was that simple. How ya doing bro. It's been wayyyy too long
Yes, it's been way too long. All is well thankfully.
I would venture to guess that the motor block you're using is for the Askoll 1500. Back in the day, that's what a lot of the manufacturers were using. You can pick up a new motor block but the stands for those pumps were either glued on or custom so you'd have to see what your pump is.
Here's a link to to the pump, you'd just have to reused the impellar and venturi


Hey Brent, I checked the skimmer pump and it's definitely a bad motor block. It will run for a couple minutes then shutoff. It has internal protection to shutoff if it over heats (it's hot to the touch). I noticed the power cord can twist where it meets the epoxy seal to the back of the motor so it's possible that over time water has made its way through. Regardless, the motor is toast. Good news is it looks like it's a common motor block

You can either get the pond pump here and pull out the motor block:

or just the motor block here (not sure if they have it in stock)

either way the fun doesn't stop there. Your pump has a custom mounting bracket that's seam welded to the old motor block. That will need to be removed then re-glued to the new motor block. From what I've read the original needle wheel impeller and volute will bolt right on.

LMK if this is something you want to pursue and I'll continue to help as much as I can.

BTW the other Fluval return pump is working fine. I noticed the impeller cover wasn't seated properly so pulled everything, cleaned and put it back together and it ran fine.