Need Some Shrouds 3D Printed for Kessil A360X Fixtures

Itchy Trigger

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I'm currently being blinded by my Kessil A360X fixtures. They are hanging high above my tank, which gives the look I want INSIDE the tank, but the glare from them is very distracting and annoying. I looked at the magnetic reflector that Kessil makes, but this isn't exactly what I need - I like the spread of the light, I just don't want to see it directly from the lights. So I need some sort of shroud or screen that can attach to the fixtures and block the view of the actual LEDs. I could take the cheapo route and use some sort of black construction paper taped to the fixtures but I want it to look nice.

Anybody out there that I could hire to make three of these for me?


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Haha I’ve been thinking the same thing. Been thinking about buying pendant lights from ikea and using just the exterior. Think it’d look nice too.