need suggestions


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ANy suggestions on how to get my anthias to eat? I've had him for 5 days and he's been hiding the whole time. I dropped brime shrimp right by his face and he just watch it fall. Is there anything I can do? WHat is stressing him out?
Maybe soak in those garlic solutions that they offer? Have you tried any other variety of foods? My regal angel won't touch anything frozen, but he does eat flakes.
hunger will drive them to eat what you want, when my friend gave me his purple tank it only ate mysis, and after a few days of not eating I fed it flakes (what I feed my other tang) and everythings cool now ;)
Were the brine shrimp live? Sometimes the motion of the shrimp makes all the difference in the world.

Once he is eating, slowly switch to your normal foods. I had the same problem when I had a lyretail anthias.
I don't know where I can get live brime shrimp. None of my LFS sell it and I think Petco stopped selling it.
Tongs in FV has live brine.

Often the fish will have gill parasites. Who know what kind of tank the fish has been in since it was shipped. That can keep the fish from eating even if it is hungry. Recently I had an angel fish in the QT that would not eat more than one brine shrimp, then would only stare at them. I end up doing a FW dip, then started hypo. I think that helped move the gill parasite, it started eating the next day.