Need the name for this part


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I need to order a new part for my Korallin C-1502. I broke it while doing a water change today. I'm not sure what its called at Ohh and if anyone has an extra they would like to sell please lmk.


I'm guessing its one of these two.

KL3111 Korallin C-1502 and 3002 Replacement Inlet Assembly with Bubble Counter $39.98

KL3113 Korallin C-1502 and 3002 Replacement Outlet Assembly

Can someone help me out.



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Looks like a bunch of pieces u can put together for $1.00

1-T, 2 45's, 1-90, socket/threaded cap, silicone tubing?

Im guessing the joints are 3/4 and the piping is 1/2?

Im sure someone will answer with something more helpfull..:D


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I think its where the water comes out.


its the section on the left. I think its the Outlet Assembly but would rather make sure before I go and spend $20.


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Hey Kevin, can you superglue that?


I did glue it and it seems to hold ok but I’d rather just guy a new one since the consequence of having it fail is pretty serious. I’m talking a business trip next week and if something like this goes wrong I’ll have to leave the hobby :(