need to get rid of some rbta splits, cheap!


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One of the RBTA in my display tank decided to do a 3 way split. Two of them are for sale... the smaller one wandered and had its tentacles half pulled into a power head about 10 days ago when they first split, its totally healthy just a bit beat up looking. Nice deep red color not the half bleached/half dead like a lot of LFS nems. In a few weeks the one on the right will it will look like the one on the left.


One on the left is 45$ one on right is 25$. or take both for 60$. Meetup this weekend at southbay LFS(nep/aquatic collection/kings/etcetc.).

PM is key... please no flakes!


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woke up with a ton of PM's this morning.... cant reply to all of them until later today... but this is the order of PM's I have received. I will get back to you tonight.

1. Dknydiep - small rbta on the right
2. humuhumupukapuka - small bta

1. DeMartini - left LBTA
2. fingerwrinkles - left
3. reeffer - left
4. dayneem
5. pcfish - left
6. jctse


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both are pending -- large one to demartini small one to dknydiep. I will let you know if they end up passing on the nems!