Need to your immediate input on a stand for my 135g tank


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I have a 40 year old 135g tank i bought from an older gentleman in his 70s 3 years ago. The tank is in great shape for its age and i completetly resealed it. Now the (problem) is the angle iron stand it came with. He had it custom built and its a pretty stand and way overbuilt which is good.. it uses 3 1.6th c channle framed metal for the tank base and legs. And it has a bottom built in with a metal mesh and frame to put a sump and filter or whatever on it.

The issue is this. The stand itself is uneven. Im not sure how but on a flat surface it wobbles teo oposite legs meaning front left and rear right legs. So i believe it might be twisted. Its been fine for 3 years what i did was just shim the legs to keep it even. I had to weld 3.16th flat plates to the legs as they are L shaped kegs.. perfect stilleto pointed legs not good for 1600lbs of weight on subfloor. I also on top of the like 4 metal shims under 2 legs have 2x10 pressure treated wood under all 4 legs to spread weight out even more.

Its got 4 legs for such a heavy tank too... which is meh that means 1600 lbs st least is spread on 4 legs... so im sure my joists dont like that.

Its on the 3rd level in my bedroom and its sitting parrallel to 2 joists length wise but each joist rests on a load bearing beam on both sides and the left and right side of the tank are only 1 1.2 feet from the load bearing beams.. so it should be fine.

I have thr oportunity to purchase a really really nice looking wooden stand for the tank for 40$.. not wobbly or cracked or stain missing its in nice shape.. its a 72x18 stand so built for 125 135 and 150g tanks.

This means all the tank weight will be evenly spread along the entire 6 foot of the stand.. or entire 6 foot of the 2 joists.. and subfloor its on. INSTEAD of being on 4 legs putting 1600 lbs on maybe 1 foot of space..

Am i making sense ? As i said its been fine where its at nothing has suken in.. the tank is still level which means the floor hasnt sagged from the 4 legs.

Should i save my money ? Or would you guys get the wooden stand for better weight distribution.


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Yea 40$ is cheap fir a manufacture built stand. Looks like its built by perfecto its one of their pine.oak stands. I could put it in storage and or resell it too.. or i could get a 150g tank on facebook market i always see 135 or 150g tanks with no stands for like 100$