need urgent help! (SOS)


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Dear All,

Since I bought this hammer corals about 3 weeks ago, I have encounter recently of just keep cutting the branch, total being cut already 2 branches and now I have seen that part of the next branch also starting to receeding....questions is to cut it whole branch or just teh portion that receeded? here is the picture.

why this hammer corals keep receeding like this, it is just like epidemic that need to cut it off.

pleae help urgently.



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I would probably cut off 2 branches. Hopefully that way the sickness or whatever it is will be far enough away from the healthy ones they won't get it. Good luck.


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Thanks Roger,

Just cut off the branches and I think my hammer is so stress that it keep oozing some whitish like filaments or mucus and each hammers stems is notso expanding now , so I let it stay for a while. hope it survive.



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Probably to late but I had a few hammers and frogspawn in my tank. One day the one Hammer head (had 3 nice heads) started to look sick and it looked like someone popped it and it started to fall off of the skeleton. A day later the next head was hit and a couple days the other head. It was a two day process. Then another frogspawn was hit in my tank but this time I just took it out. The last time I started to see it happen I went to my LFS and talked to the guru there that owns it and he told me to dose the tank with iodide. Dose it for 3 days straight and then do a dose as a habit every two weeks. My frogspawn and hammers started to look good and the one that started to get hit instantly got better. I looked everywhere online and I couldn't find nothing. But if the problem is still going on give it a shot. Sorry about your hammer….Good luck