Needing advice on the Deltec AP 701 skimmer


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Hi All!

I have been recently offered a Deltec AP701 protein skimmer for a new reef setup I am planning. The size tanks that I am looking at as follows

72" X 30" x 30"

72" x 24" x 30"


60" x 24" x 30"

60" x 30" x 30"

Now what I need to know is whether this skimmer will be suitable for the stated sizes and if not what size tank then with a heavy load. I am quite confused with the info I have been told so far. So I needing to get fresh opinions about this. Using this skimmer how many fish and corals could I safely get away with on the above sizes. Hoping someone can help?



T3am Zissou
so you need skimming for between 200-300g's??

i'd say the ap701 is probably a good skimmer for up to a 250g tank, and if you mesh modded the pump mabye 300g, but the real question is how much is it costing you because for a similar price you can get a better skimmer for sure...