Nem ate my fish. Now what?


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Ok so I couldn't find my little mandarin dragonnet and to my dismay, I found it in the anemones mouth. It was out of its mouth but still within the tentacles (the nem is still holding onto it)

Should I try to remove it or leave it? Id leave it if it can finish eating it but I doubt? And I'm afraid if I leave it it will be discarded somewhere I can't find it and rot, raising ammonia levels. But if I try too hard to remove it I might **** the Nem and potentially cause it to start moving around again creating more chaos.

What do you experienced keepers usually do in this scenario?

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How tightly is it holding onto it? Looks like an LTA, which I know isn't as sticky as a carpet. I would try to remove it. It should let go pretty easily.


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That Mandarin is dead. Leave it alone so it death can do a little good. (too late for me to chime in now, but it I see that, it just leave it alone unless the little guy is struggling) Even if he is still alive, it is highly unlikely that he can be save.

Now about your anemone, what you have is a M. doreenis or a LTA. It is a sand bed anemone, that does require a fairly deep sand bed. It does not need much current at all, and need relatively bright light. Give it these thing and he will grow into a large and beautiful anemone.


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don't get another sand-hugging or perching fish. They're at risk from nems and elephant ear shrooms.