Neptune SKY - Anyone who has 'real life' experience?


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Hi Reefers,

I am currently in the planning process of a 210 gallon build 10-year tank build, and I am looking for LEDs. The Neptune SKY's seem intriguing and definitely, on paper matches what I am looking for for my SPS dominant build. I am however struggling to find someone who has real life experience with these lights.

Anyone here? 🤔

The footprint of the display tank will be a 5' x 2.5' (150 x 75 cm) peninsula setup. I think I have seen most "high end" LED options out there, but the SKY's seem to dive me the T5-like appearance that I am looking for without the tubes which I, as a resident of the UK wont be able to get forever :rolleyes:

Feedback, or recommendations from similar setups would be greatly appreciated as well 🙏


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The Sky, Stratton & Phillips Coral Care all give a t-5 look.
I'm sure someone near you has a Stratton you can look at.

Thanks Vinny, that is one sexy looking LED. I will definitely have a look in my LFS if they have that one- sadly we're not as "well equipped" over here in Scotland as you guys across the pond :p