Nervous about my Calcium Reactor


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The only thing I feel stupid about: (':confused:')

Well I finally set up my calcium reactor after having it for 2 years. I am nervous about using it (maybe because I can't find the "calcium reactor for dummies" book). I noticed that the co2 regulator shows I have about 1100 psi but the other gauge never did start at 0. If I degas it it will be at 15 psi. I don't know if it is faulty but the problem is that it dosen't keep constant pressure. I started it two days ago and i want it at 20 psi. It has been fluctuating between 18 to 22. So I have to constantly check my bubble counter to make sure that it is working and not siphoning back to the co2 tank. 1st. Problem.

My next question is about what the parameters should be for my effluent and bubble count. I did my research and the bubble counter should be at about 10 bubbles per min. My effluent should be at 40 dpm. Also I want to know about the limewater and what the dpm should be for it. Now can someone tell me fistly about the regulator and if it sound like its faulty, next, a dummy proof about the dpms and bubble counts, and last for the limewater.