Nescessary Clean Up Crew


I have been doing a lot of research to try and start a reef tank. I was wondering what kind of clean up crew that i will need. I have heard many bad things about crabs, and would rather just not have one more thing to worry about. crabs. I don't know how much to stock, but i was thinking....

for my "to be" 65 gallon
Nassarius Snails - ?
Cerith Snails - ?
Peppermint Shrimp (or other shrimp) - 2 (?)
and maybe a starfish of some sort

any imput is appreciated


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I personally only keep snails. I find that crabs will make anything dinner, including snails. I really like nassarius and cerith for the sandbed and also astreas and turbos for the glass. I would start with just a few of each and add as the tank demands. They tend to starve in greater numbers. I have a skunk cleaner shrimp that is really cool but not much of a cleaner though. More decorative than anything. Peppermint shrimp are cute but you might not see them much as they tend to hide. :)


Ok, thanks. I was under the impression for some reason that you needed like 1 sanil per gallon (don't ask why i thought that :D). Also, what does everyone think about sea stars and how they do as part of the clean-up crew.


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A lot of general ideas about snails are 1 per gallon, but until your tank gets really going, you don't have enough food for them all. Start small and just add as you go. Sifting stars are ok, but if you plan on having a live sand bed, forget having one because it will wipe out any life in the bed in no time.


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I would add a cleaner shrimp to the list. Thay are hilarious to watch, and will help keep your future fish, and other stuff sparkling clean of parisites! =)

For a starfish I would use a brittle star or a serpant star. They are pretty easy on your sandbed.