New 100 gallon FOWLR compatibility


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Hey there everyone. I just set up 2 new SW tanks, and in my 100 gallon FOWLR setup I am seeking all advice and experiences I can acquire. I'm an intermediate level aquariast, having a successful nano run for the past 5 years. Nevertheless, I am finalizing a list of "more docile semi-aggressives" and the order I believe I should put them in. My intention is adding about 1 fish/mo. My tanks are beginning week 4 of cycling, so I'm still 2-3 weeks from adding the first occupant. But this is the order I would like to if you see any issues I would greatly appreciate the input:

1) Mated pair Mocha black storm Percula Clowns
2) a Dogface Puffer
3) Dwarf Golden Moray eel
4) a smaller Frogfish
5) Eibls Angelfish (or potentially Gold Flake)
6) White tail Bristletooth Tang
7) Blue Throat Triggerfish

Thanks again for the expert opinions!


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I like that you are adding your fish once a month, that way you can let the fish settle in and it won't cause crazy ammonia and nitrate spikes. This list looks good, but I would be cautious about the dog face puffer. As he gets bigger, he may become aggressive towards the clown fish and more docile fish. If you ended up getting a dogface puffer, I think you should add him last and make sure he is small so he can't eat or bully your other fish. I don't really know much about frogfish, but I would make sure they aren't getting out competed for food by the other fish. Btw, I love Blue Jaw Triggers. I had one in my old tank and he was awesome and never touched my smaller fish.