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Just wanted to introduce myself and get some open discussion and feedback on setting up my new 120gallon tank. It is a 120g acrylic 4'x2'x2' tank with ~50 gallon sump that will have a refugium and a reef devil skimmer and a ehiem return pump. I plan on using aragonite sand 4" deep and getting some live sand to seed it. I have about 120# of base rock and plan on buying some live rock to seed this as well. Still working on producing the RO/DI water and need to get all the sand in before I can start adding the water to get setup for the cycle.

I'm not a complete noob but this will be my largest tank and first wtih a sump, currently running a nano setup with good success. So any words of wisdom, tips, things to watch for, stay away from? Any and all comments welcome.

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What are your plans for this tank? Have you thought about what kind of lighting you want to use?



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I ran a Reef Devil on an sps dominated mixed reef 75 gallon and while I was completely happy with it I can assure you that it will not be able to keep up in a 120 gallon REEF. In a fish only it would be OK for that size tank.


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It came with a 4 tube T5 lighting setup that I figure will be "OK" to start and then maybe supplement it with a DIY LED setup like I did on my nano tank. It will be a mixed reef with some reef safe fish. Very basic easy stuff until I gain confidence, mostly softs, with few SPS.

What would you recommend for a skimmer if the reef devil isn't going to up to the task after I get things fully stocked?