New 75g reef build


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Hello West Tennessee I was thinking about jumping back into the hobby now that Im settled here in Memphis from Alabama. I want to plan my fish list right before I invest. Im doing a 75g 90 pounds of rock and 80 lbs of sand. 29 gallon sump. My fish list Im thinking about is as follows:

Leopard Wrasse and/or Bartlett's Anthias
Flame Angel
Orange Butterflyfish
Foxface Lo
Watchman Goby - pistol shrimp pair
black and white or pink skunk pair clownfish
yellowhead jawfish

30 hermits assorted
30 snails assorted

Any Suggestions?


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Sounds like a good list. I like Anthias so I would go forward with them if it were me. :). Are you keeping any coral or just a fish only?