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Just got all the goodies today and going to start the build tomorrow. Got the tank and the sump free :). Sump needs a new seal but that's not terrible. Tomorrow I'm going to build a stand, canopy, drill for bean, plumbing and build the sump. LEDs come Monday :( so that will have to wait. Here are some pics for now hopefully more tomorrow





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so made a little progress today. drilled the tank, cleaned both tank and sump. leak tested the sump to find the leak but didnt find one :confused:... so i have no idea what the guy saying it was leaking was talking about. here are a couple of pics of the adventure. tomorrow stand and canopy and plumbing! If anyone has any suggestions please now is the time before i get to crazy




ps- can anyone tell me how to shrink the pictures a little?


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Sorry for the lack of progress had a minor set back but was able to cover a lot of ground today. Painted the tanks, sealed the sump, framed the stand and the canopy. Its getting there. definitely taking longer than i imagined but it is fun. Enjoy the pics.





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Sorry i have not updated anything but school took a toll on me with my exam today but i have made progress over the weeks. Here is a little bit of what i have done. I have rocks and sand coming in wednesday ( not that i am checking every hour....) so i want to go with a dsb and was wondering about putting egg crate on the bottom of the tank and wondered if this would be bad for burrowing animals even with a dsb. Anyone have any advice on this? Sorry for the bad pics they are off a cell phone ill get better ones when its all nice and pretty

Light set up

Canopy (needs doors any advice on molding?)

Crappy tank shot




Videos of light test run

Video of tank test run

(Ps Anyone know how to embed youtube videos directly?)

Any advice would be appreciated... thanks!


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Got a little more work done. These are one of the lights


The other thing is i have the tank plumbed and it starts up and goes off with no flooding and is flawless. No leaks either :bounce3:
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Sorry for the crappy quality

As always any help or suggestions is appreciated as i am learning
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So i finally was able to make some progress between exams (stupid school) however i think its good progress. Bout 50 lbs dry and 40 lbs live rock and 160 lbs of sand.

Tank after sand and rocks

After it cleared up

And with lights (sorry i really need to find my camera)

Only things not running are the Ca reactor, powerheads (waiting for the sand to all go down), and ATO. Lights are good. Rocks i like the structure but if had to do it all over again i probably change it but that is probably a standard response here.

Having issues tuning the protein skimmer. Its been running about 3 days. I think it may be too high in the water. I am going to try lowering it. Any suggestions on how to tune it?

Other than that I am just waiting. Did my first water check tonight with the following: Temp: 79.6 SG: 1.026 pH: 7.92 Alk: 12 Amm:0 NO2:.25 NO3: 40 PO4: 0 Ca: 480

I think thats good for a first day but what do i know. Can anyone tell me how to get the pH up? I havent added chemicals to it hoping it will steady itself but if the only way to do it is through chemicals i figured i add some bicarb to bump it up? :confused:

Any help or advice is always appreciated