new 9410 pump


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I have a 9410 skimmer with the foam extractor that are many years old, and the pump recently died.

Ordered a new one from Germany, however it seems noticeably weaker than my old one. Previously if I opened the air fully it would skim over so I generally had it only partly opened and it worked well. Now it's fully open and its dry skimming. Most of the skim collecting on the neck.

I checked that the end bearings are full seated, and all looks good.
Is the newer pump of different power from the old one with black impellar?
What else can I check that might be impacting the pump's output?



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The new drive unit is weaker, you will generally have the air open further than on the old one. What did you order, a new pump, new impeller or new skimmer? If on the pump you replaced the silencer and everything that comes with it, my main thoughts would be the air line is kinked or plugged at some point, the old pump was overkill and this change means you have to have the air open more, but it greatly reduced the noise and vibration and since the new impeller is a ferrite magnet, it does not need the coating and is far more indestructible than the old one. You may also need to adjust the depth or the filter basket up to compensate. New 9410's include the foam extractor and a cup, so they are compatible with the foam extractor.