New.... and trying a FOWLR tank first


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Hi folks. There are a huge number of people here, so I thought I could get some good advice here. I made some mistakes by jumping in before reading and I'm stuck with some equipment that may not be optimal for my desires, but I don't want to change my gear, so if it's possible to go with what I've got, I want to do that.

What I have:

A 90 gallon acrylic tank, no overflow box.
A stand.

Now, I don't want to make any major changes to the tank like install an overflow box, or dril holes into the stand or such.

What I want is to have a few pets (which I do not know the compatibility of them)

An Angler fish
A sea apple
An eel

Other active fish that won't get eaten by an angler/won't kill the angerl themselves.

Now, I'll give up everything for the angler, but 90 gallons seems big for one fish not swimming around much. So what can go with it (provided notthing else above can)

Thanks alot for the advice! :)


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I might be getting ahead of myself too....

Do I HAVE to have some sort of sump? I'd rather not deal with the plumbing involved.


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So your question is if there is a way to have a tank with something like a hang on back filtration and some lights and kinda leave it at that?


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OK - I guess my questions are these:

Will these animals live together peacefully?

If so, what gear does it take to keep them alive? (can I do it without a sump, without a protein skimmer, etc?)


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Hey Earl,

I would hold off on the sea apple. If that thing dies, it will kill your tank. It releases some sort of toxin when its stressed or dies that will probably be too much for your skimmer to handle save a massive waterchange on the spot.

Wait until you are well versed in the ways of the salt for him :)

So long as your fish is large enough, or predatory enough itself, it will deal with the angler. What I would suggest doing is looking for a list if fish *YOU* like and list them here and we can tell you what will likely be compatible.

Keep in mind, every fish has its own personality, just like people, and each persons' experience is going to be different from each others.

If you have not already, I would highly suggest looking into the book Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael. This is a handy pocket guide of fish, their dietary needs, tank size restrictions, etc. It would be good in helping you pick out fish you like, for sizes you want. Pretty much, you just need to make sure your fish are not the right size for your angler to eat :)

You may also want to take a gander at the forum titled Fish only and Agressive Tanks. This will have some good tips on fish compatability and feeding tips.

Hope this helps a little,



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Thanks. I'll buy that book. :)

The sea apple seemed nice, but I've read somewhere they are difficult to keep happy and if they die... yeah, you said it.

I primarily want an angler. I think they are cool.

Secondarily I'd like an eel. Something that doesn't look like the same ole black white and and yellow ones, but as long as it can live with the angler I'm happy. I guess I'll have to buy the book to find out. I just fear there is always something left out of even a good reference book and I'll end up putting some animals together that will end up in some sort of gladiatorial match to the death and I don't want that.


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Ohhh... I read through the FOWLR subforum but they had nothing on anglers, maybe I should post this in there too? I don't want to clutter up the forum...