New Aquapod with sunpod???


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Hello to all. I just purchaced an aquapod 24 gal. with sunpod 150 watt MH ans stand. Got a great deal so I bought it. Any advise will be great!!! Im new to nanos, but had a 55 gal reef for 5 yrs. Also would LOVE to see pics of this set up. I will post pics as I set it up.:D


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I have the sunpod over my nanocube.

1) Try to hunt down the glass cover that covers your tank, well worth it to keep noise and evaporation down though it does trap heat. A small Azoo fan (Dr. Foster and Smith) can be rigged over the back chambers for cooling.

2) Get and keep a replacement bulb. My new bulb died after a month, had to pay overnight + Saturday delivery charges to get one delivered.

It's a good setup.