New aquarium livestock product.

just dave

11th in '11
Win a new product for your aquarium.

An unexpected delivery has left me with three new products known as Fish Finders.

The manufacturer would rather me give them away instead of returning them to their point of origin.

The first three to fill in the blank will win one.

Amphiprion polymnus is to Stichodactyla haddoni as Stonogobiops nematodes is to __________ .

(a) Cave felis

(b) Actinomyces israelii

(c) Caveat emptor

(d) Alpheus randalli
i hate pop quizzes

i hate pop quizzes

the answer is D. But you didn't say I had to fill in the blank with the correct answer!

And no fair copying my answer.


(Dave, you're such a good host!)
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I guess I should come up with another test question since I messed up the last pop quiz.

No, the above question is fine. Anyone can be a winner.
How about "What religion uses extract from puffer fishes and toads in ritual ceremonies, and what effects does this potion have on those who partake?"
We have three "winners" and the contest is now closed.

I have two black ones and a grey and white one. The manufacturer ( Felis catus ) is still in the process of developing the software and hardware and the product will be released to each of you in about 3-4 weeks.

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is that like the one you'd find on a bass boat?

It's possible.
All my replies are auto generated. Please do not respond. All question may directed to the companies CEO,

Thanks for playing.

Your tracking numbers will be supplied shortly.

Cave felis
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No thanks Dave. My son is allergic!

Have a contest and give him away.
Sorry had to translate, all those big words were making my head hurt.

Saddleback Clownfish is to Carpet Anemone as Highfin Shrimp Goby is to Randall's Pistol Shrimp.

Voodoo -- zombi

House cat -- LOL
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