New BRS DUAL REACTOR (i need to buy pump before it gets here...which one?)

Shane Hoffman

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I purchased a new dual reactor through BRS (thanks to the guys organizing a group buy). I am going to run carbon in one and GFO in the other. According to their site they recommend the MaxiJet 1200 on the dual reactor and say to put carbon in first reactor and gfo in 2nd. Is anyone else using these and (based on experience) are their recommendations correct in reality as far as pump choice. Currently I run gfo and carbon in my FX5 I dont feel I get enough contact time on media due to the FX5s powerful pump. Any advice/ tips/ recommendations....????

Also scored a refractometer with free cal solution 35 bucks

New Koralia 4 for 50 bucks (these retail for 69$ for the K2 at my LFS)

And finally got a TDS meter to verify my ro water is good...hoping to get more life out of my filters (currently I change em every 4 months to be sure)

so if anyone has any exp with any of these products and advice let me hear it.....

Shane Hoffman

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Im really excited about the refractometer....first one I have owned. Im really tired of and dont completely trust my swing arm IO tester...... Is there anything about maintnance or use of refractometers I should know.....


Move Don
Use the calibration solution regularly and you'll be fine. You'll love your refractometer an the only reason I can see to keep the swing-arm is to show your refractometerless friends what they are missing.


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i dont have one, but id assume if they say to use a maxi jet thats probably a good idea.. and cheap


ReefKeeping Mag staff
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I also use the maxijet 1200. Works fine. I tried putting the carbon first because prefiltering the water before it gets to the pricey gfo seemed the right thing. For whatever reason it slows down when I run it this way as opposed to gfo first.