new bulbs need advice


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I am changing my bulbs out for the first time. I was just wondering what everybody does about getting corals acclimated to new bulbs. For instance shorter light peroid or nothing at all. I am going from ushio 10k to aqua connect 14k. Any help would be appreciated


J. Montgomery

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Buy some window screening material and add a few (2-3) layers in between the tank and lights. Remove a layer every 3-5 days.

Reducing the photoperiod isn't very effective since the intensity of the new lights is more dnagerous then the duration that they're on.


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From 10K to 14K you may not have any issues as 14K tend to have a lower par. New bublbs are usually 30 % brighter than one year old ones so you may just reduce your photoperiod by 30 % and increase it back 10% per week.