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I just got some LED's in and want to see if I can keep a clam. I was going to order a ORA Derasa Clam from swf dot com. Is this a good beginner clam and where will be the best place to put this clam. I would like to put it on the sand bed. Also where can I find like a crash course on clam care.


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You can absolutely grow clams under LED. I have had a squamosa under LED for a year now and it has shown fantastic growth - more, actually, than any other clam I have ever kept. Not saying its necessarily due to the lights, but it went from 5 to 8 inches in just one year sitting on the sand-bed.
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That was day one. He is opening up good and extends his mantel. I don't know what to look for but he seems healthy to me.


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For Derasa he mantel should extended outside the shell, even if he just got into the tank. I hope that he is much better today.