New clown breathing fast...


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I got a new black and white small clown from the LFS about a week ago. It ate the first couple of days, and the last couple of days it is not eaten, hidden in a corner, is lethargic, and is breathing very fast.

At the LFS it was in the same tank as another black-and-white clown. I went back today, and other black-and-white clown is acting the same way. The guy at the LFS said he was getting some chemicals tomorrow that would treat the clown.

Any idea if this is curable and what it is? Any idea if it is contagious?

The temperature is 79°, the pH is 8.0, alkalinity is five, nitrites zero, in ammonia zero,


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Most likely brooklynella. A very fast killer, usually when they are acting this way its too late. Best treatment is a formalin bath daily. A quarantine tank is essential IMO, and the fish should be placed in one.


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Thanks for the info. I made the mistake of listening to the guy at the lfs, and didn't use a qt. I got one set up tonight. I will try to catch this one and use it in the future