New Coral Question


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Hey all,

A little background on my tank. It has been set up for about 8 months.

40 gallon breeder
20g long sump
skimmer/ refugium
6x24 watt T5 (only running 4 bulbs) 2 white 2 blue
soft corals are thriving
fish are thriving
levels- check
calc/alk/mag- check

Now for the question-

I have just recieved a couple SPS frags from a friend. They are a green and red birsdnest. Right now I have them set up a little less then halfway down in the tank. Is that okay or should I go all the way down to the bottom? I am freaking out about these guys bleaching :headwally: Also their polyps are out, can they bleach if they are out? Another quick question--- I also recieved a chalice and a monti frag should I move those down as well? Or about halfway down the tank alright? Remember I am only running 4 24 watt bulbs in my T5s right now.

Thank you for your input!