New corals healthy?


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Hey guys, I just brought home this torch coral ImageUploadedByTapatalk1421612131.212049.jpg

How does it look. It has been in the tank for 1 day so far.

Also, here are two other corals that I'm a bit concerned for.

This fox coral has not been fully out for the past 3 weeks. I've had it since November.

This tongue coral same thing.

Any feedback is appreciated. :)


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Torch - awesome
Fox Coral - might be a gonner. Wall with receding tissue equals only time.
Pavona - looking good
Herpolitha- unsure


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How can you tell the fox has receding tissue. I can't tell:/. It used to be out a lot, and It stopped a moth ago. Two days ago, I moved it to where it is now on the picture. This morning it was out a bit more. The tongue coral, I see a tiny little bumps that look like its tentacles. I'm thinking it might like where it is now?