New editions to the family


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I have to say thanks to Barry at Clams Direct for the 2 clams he sent me.
They arrive very healthy and Barry was extremely helpful and more than fair on the price.

The first two pics are the clams I received a day after they went in the tank.
The other pic are there home and friends.


That is better shot of your tank than you sent me. AWSOME tank.

Glad you like you clams. :)

Kedd, beautiful tank and new additions...

And I miss San Diego as well, especially Rubio's fish taco especials...:cool:

Sixline is that where you are from?

I lived there all my life up until the last 4 years.

I do miss the mex food .
They don't have much in CT.


I lived there from '85-'99. Some of that was courtesy of the US Navy, the rest my choice.

I miss Rubio's and Robertos!

Jim I don't know where that town is,but I've heard of it.

Ct is alright, but the summer season is over fast.

Sixline,I think the military populates half of SD.
That's a good thing!

If a Roberto's started in CT they would be very busy!

I see you are from the Cape, I go fishing there all the time
It's as close as too get to Calif.
LOL same here,

The cape rules for fishing. Are you boat or beach. I'm alittle of both. ( or alot)
I have a good friend that charters for Orvis in the summer.
I haven't done much wade fishing, but plan too this year.

In SD I worked long range fishing boat,but being gone for a few weeks at a time wasn't an option once I had a daughter.

I have been here about 5 years now and am almost over the culture shock.

The stripers will be here soon!
That sounds great those orvis guys art hard core!
I live right by the brewster flats great place to wade or even canoe. They say the fish will be early this year the water is already warming up.

BTW your new clams look great. I'll have to post pics. of my two new guys. a 3" blue and a 4" teal ultra phonepe maximas.
I also have a 7" duresa that I've had almost 2 years