New FTS with new corals


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The Toadstool is hiding behind the island on the left. I am planning to get more rock to elevate that whole side a bit more, and make the Toadstool more visible. (it's got a clear shot to light and flow..just can't see much of it from the front)

Got that and the Devil's Hand from triggerfish. :)



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Yellow Tang
Purple Tang
Regal Tang
Two Barred/Masked Rabbitfish (newest addition from FAOIS)
Pair of Perculas
Yellow Tail Damsel
Yellow Watchman Goby

Devil's Hand
Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas
Pink Paly's
Three Yumas
Green Star Polyps
Pink w/ green tip Frogspawn
Green w/ pink tip Frogspawn

And I'm picking up tomorrow:
Eagle Eye Zoas


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i see all those tangs but the thing i dont see is a nori clip packed with goddies for them :)
your tank is looking nice,and i can see your clowns have taken a liking to the frogspawn they at least feed the spawn since they live in it?


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The Clowns are kind of "off and on" living in it. They are undecided. LOL

I have a clip, but they don't like to eat from it, so I hold the seaweed (I have another brand) under the water, and grind it up, and then they go after it.

They get Formula 1 flakes, pellets, and frozen, brine shrimp plus, and the seaweed.


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just a matter of time till the clowns figure out where they want to host but im thinking the spawn is the choice.i bet you if you get a small piece of shrimp down near the clowns,they will grab it and run it to the little skunk clown hosts my duncans and feeds them anything too large for him to eat.


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LOL Mark!! This is all your fault. haha!!

Chris, now that you mention it, one of them grabbed a pellet earlier that was too big for him to eat, and it's entirely possible he fed it to the frogspawn.


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Don't get me started. LMAO!! I want a just stick to a Coral Beauty...dang, did you see that Potters on Diver's Den? :p


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Look great!

Regarding the nori clip: It's been 2 or so months and my tang still won't eat from the clip. Instead everytime I put it in there, I have to clean the stuff out of the tank from everywhere. Yuck... I tried the rubberband + rock thing too, but no go.


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SS, I know the feeling. I had a whole piece get stuck to one of my Koralias. Yuck!

Thanks for all the compliments, guys!!! *beaming*


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Just as a heads up..unless you want GSP all over your rocks, I would move that one rock that I gave you out in the sand.

That stuff spreads quick.:eek1: