New goodies + compatability question


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Hey guys!

Getting back into the hobby (addiction) and just dropped some $$$$ at premium aquatics/brs/marinedepot. Pretty excited. Got the stand all built up, and the tank (55gal) but i'm waiting of the rest of the parts (they come mostly tomorrow). Anyways, here is a list of what i ordered, and i also have some questions about compatibility.

Reefkeeper lite plus
syncra silent 2.0 return pump
osmolator nano 3152 ATO
BRS reactor
reef octopus NWB-110
eshopps eclipse S overflow kit
2x Hydor Koralia evo 600gph
Bashsea 30x10x14 bio-Fuge sump BLUE
Eheim Jager 250w
2x Marsaqua 180w full spectrum (they arent actually marsaqua, but same thing)

My question is what could i put on the reefkeeper. I know i'm going to do the heater and probably the koralia (to turn them off for feeding) and the lights. Can the Reefkeeper dim/brighten the cheap LED light fixtures, or is that not possible? I'd like to have sunrise/sunset. Eventually i plan on adding 2 part dosing, but i don't feel it necessary before i start adding corals. Recommendations on dosing pumps? Do i need 2 or should i just get 3 or 4.

Is there anything i'm missing? I'm planning on buying about 45-50lbs of Live rock from my LFS since they've been super helpful and i find dry rock ugly. they cure it all themselves which is nice, less pests!