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Just got my first tank two weeks ago, bought the setup from an individual that already had the tank up and running. I've added a few things. Below is a list of what I have livestock wise.

-Hippo Tang
-2 different clowns
-diamond goby
-2 chromies
-2 spotted cardinals
-coral beauty
-2 peppermint shrimp
-cleaner shrimp
-2 emerald crabs

also have some leathers/polyps/zoos.

Looking to add some more colorful corals to the tank...any suggestions? Also, when is the next frag swap?

Just dropping in to introduce myself.

Tank Info: 75 gallon, 40 gallon sump.


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Welcome to the addiction

The next frag swap is in March. We do have a pizza night this Saturday, your more than welcome to join us


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Welcome to the in the hobby. Pizza Nights are a great way to meet people in the club and pick brains of people in the hobby.


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As for colorful corals, the Ricordea Florida are beautiful and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Assorted blue, purple, red, orange and green mushrooms are readily available in our Coral Donor Program as well.