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Hey everyone! Well I am not new to fish but new to the aquarium world. Recently a 90 gallon (48x18x25) tank fell into my lap and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to not go salt water. So I have been researching for about 2 weeks and there is a lot of stuff out there. I guess I'm here to join a new "obsession" and learn as much as I can. My plan is to build a stand, and drill a bean style overflow, and run a sump with refugium. I am going to the basics: live rock, dsb, return pump, protein skimmer, thermometer, ro/di system. Now my couple of questions come to extras if I should I get them. Long term goal is to have a reef and fish tank with both soft and stony corals. I guess i wanna know should I get: apex controller, chiller, tunze wave maker, auto top off, dosing pumps for ca, mg, alk, power heads, Carbon and gfo reactor, refractometer, electronic or liquid testers. I know it's a list but i rather do stuff right then make multiple returns.

The other question I have is lighting. I understand it's extremely important but I don't see the point of getting a 500w power house mh for $800. I have read a lot about LEDs. They seem to be the new way to go. I wanna know if anyone has any experience on how hard it will be to do a DIY model. I am pretty handy and have no problems with electrical. It may be a pain to make but it will be cheaper and it also won't kill the electrical bill.

I understand reef stuff isn't cheap so I am ot trying to skimp and crash my tank. I just wanna do it right

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to being part of my new addiction and hopefully with time helping others out


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Check out kessil LEDs, very affordable and awesome little light (a little smaller than a soda can actually!) I have the 10k and love it! Def getting another very soon! Keep in mind you will need 2 and possibly 3 for a 90 depending on dimensions and what you want to keep

Also, definitely buy a controller! Apex or a Reefkeeper
I have a Reefkeeper, def one of the best purchases I've made for my tank
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Do a search over here for "diy leds" and you'll have plenty of stuff to read and study.

I recently started my own diy led build, but I started out with too few leds (I had 15 white and 13 blue) so it's back to the drawing board for me.

But to tell you the thruth, it is a fun project for me and not at all that expencive ( at least if you compare them to "commercial" reef lighting)

If I were you, I would go led from the start..... the effect of the ledlight hitting the water is AMAZING

Hope this helps