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Just want to start out by saying thanks for having such a great website with allot of helpful people.
Im james I just got into the whole saltwater life about six months ago. I dont have a super huge tank 35-40 gal. I would have done alot bigger but i just signed another year least at the apartment I live at.

My tank has been up for about six months and I have not really had any problems with the tank so far. Only issue I had was my coral peice started to die slowly and i beleive its because tank is tall and it was at the bottom. I moved the tank around and raised the coral tords the top stacked it on some live rock and it seems to be doing better. I have my tank set up on a timer that comes on at 830 am and goes off around 930 pm (dont know if its perfect timing or not).

Anyone with any helpful tips please chime in
I have:
2-Percula Clown
brittle starfish
sea star
guppy shrimp (not completely sure)
emperor angle
cheaper dorry (not the real one)
and two other fish and a snail

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I'm not sure what you are referring to as a "cheaper Dory". Dory, in the movie was a hippo tang.The emperor angel and the hippo tang will very quickly outgrow that tank. Minimum tank size for an emperor angel is 220 gallons and the minimum tank size for a hippo tang is 280 gallons. The clowns and damsels will do quite well in that size tank.

What kind of lighting do you have over the tank? that may have something to do with how the coral responded in the tank.


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I have Deep Blue Solarmax T5 Double Strip model se-42230

And maybe thats not exactly what the fish is cause the girl that set up my tank knows alot about saltwater she has a 125 and a 100 or so. It does look like that kind of fish though


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Do you have enough rock? Looks a bit sparse.
Also, you should clean your glass, get a mag float.
Is that a big chunk of salt on the back glass? Something dripping?
And, what kind of lights do you have? Are they correct for SW?
I suggest painting the back black.


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I'm hoping to get some more rock soon like another ten pounds or so. And as far as the salt on the back it's cause this dummy overflowed it when I had to add water.

As far as paint is there a certain kind or can I buy a black liner and tape it to the back


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Good luck bro read read read it gets easier and there right about the angel but you have time to upgrade before he outgrows ur tank


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Update. Got my night light installed and also did a water change and got a lot more live rock and got some coral that was half dead for free to see if I can bring it back


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