new light setup, seeking advice...


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im looking to setup a tank around the size of a 50 tall, (36 x 18 x 18 or something similar), im trying to choose between 2 kessil 150w 10k with 2 T5 actinic. or just go with a 6-8 bulb T5 setup, i like the shimmer of LED and halides, MH get way too hot for a tank this small, and i dont like the cost of the LED setup and the possiblility of not really liking the color and having to sell and order the 6500 or the 14k,

My plan is a LPS dominant reef, maybe a clam or two and a couple choice very easy SPS,

are any of the clip together strip LED's worth anything? Id consider getting a single LED pendant, but the tanks ive been finding have a center brace, so that leaves me with trying to hang a light over each side.