New Lights, Need Help


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Hey guys. I upgraded (have ordered) my 2x65W PC Lights for a Current USA 36" Nova Extreme Pro 6x39w T5 Lighting. I know that the new lights will be more powerful, so I will need to raise them up and start them out with less time. This is where I need your help.

1) How far above the water do I want the bulbs?
2)What is a good schedule to start them out on to help my corals adjust to real lights?
3) Since this doesnt have lunar lights, it has T5HO 3-10k/3-460nm actinics, what should my final ligt schedule be?

Thanks a ton guys for helping this new reefer grow so qiuickly...

Shawn Paul

Jeff Trout

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Are they VHO?orHO?
Im not saying they wont be alot brighter I just dont think that it would effect anything to only go a few inches higher than the old one.You might have to cut back a few hours due to diatom blooms
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like jeff said i dont think its gonna hurt anything, if you cut the time that they are on back a little you could probably just go with the same height.

the budman

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how many hours you on a day now? i am on 12. if i was making the change i would drop to 8 the first day and add 1 hour each day untill back to 12 leaving lights at the same height. just my .02


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Excellent. Due to my hood. The lights will have to be at least 5 inches off of the water, unlike the 1 inch my pcs are. Since it is all good. I guess I will just do the hour and work my way up each day. I think I will do the blue lights (not sure which is which yet) from 12-12 and the brighter lights from 2-10 as my final schedule. Im so excited.