"New" Mag 9.5 died!


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Hey Marine Depot,

I bought a Mag 9.5 from you on Jan 31, 2003 that I installed on 2/06/03 in my sump. Tonight, at 3am, I heard a very strange noise, and it was the pump. I removed the prefilter screen to feel if something was in the way, and worried the suction might hurt my finger. However, at that point, the pump ceased to run.

I just cleaned the pump 3 weeks ago, and everything is like-new condition. It smells like burnt electronics, and I pulled it apart to see if there was anything obvious where the impellar is located, but it looks perfect like the day I put it in. I plugged it into several recepticals, but there is no reaction, not even an attempt to spin.

I noticed that my tank temperature had risen to 81.5 (at night?) so the pump seems to have overheated and heated the water in my sump, which heated my tank as well. I see in my paperwork from the pump that the unit is warranteed for 1 year for impellar and moving parts, and 3 years for the pump.

What do I do now? Do I really have to pay to ship this broken brick to you? :lol: How quickly can you send out a new one to me? For now, I pulled the Mag12 off my protein skimmer to keep my circulation going, but I'd like to put it back so I can resume skimming as soon as possible, and install a new Mag 9.5 as my return pump.

I have the Account Number, Quotation number, PO #, so just let me know what you need to verify my purchase, please.

Marc Levenson
Ft Worth, Tx
I received an email from your company telling me to contact Danner Manufacturing, so I'll do that now. Thank you.
I had a similar experience with one of my mag 9.5's. It tripped my GFCI a few times weeks before it eventually stopped working. I really should have removed it then but didn't. I was in the room when in it last few minutes of life. I stopped and restarted with some rattles, ran for a few minutes then repeated the sequence. I removed it and tested it in a bucket to find it would work for a couple of minutes then fail. Nothing was wrong with the impeller either. I contacted DannerMFG about the pump. They replaced it without any problem. I live close to them so I picked it up saving some time.

See my opinion in a previous post:

PS. I have to compliment you on your web site. I've looked at your work many times for ideas. The pictures are great a long with the information about them. I would imagine many people have benefited from your work.
Thank you for the link, I'm going to email them now because I've still not heard back from them yet.

Marine Depot offered to send me a new pump, but I opted against that. I didn't want to pay $79 + shipping with the other pump being so new, so hopefully Danner will respond quickly like they did with you.

Thanks for the compliment on my site. I'm working on a new kritter ID page... not done yet, but here's a preview. ;)
Nice work! Great layout and pictures.

Hopefully Danner is open today. If not definitely Monday. They are closed on the weekends.