New MH lights


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So as my primary light system, I purchased 2 Retro kits from, and I wanted to give a report on them. THey came with the reflector, and the mogul base already t go, and the ballast was already in a box ready to go, I simply had to attach the powe cord from the ballast to the bulb base, and install it in my hood. the bulbs are the XM 175W 20,000K bulbs. ( I love the blue color!) All I can say is wow. I was worried that 350W total light wasn't going to be enough, but I was wrong. The light from these suckers is so bright, it's incredible. For $305 you cannot go wrong. Replacement bulbs are only $65. Hello lights rocks! they packed the items incredibly well, and it arrived fairly quickly.
Hellolights are good people....I ordered some bulbs from them and they didnt have them in stock so they upgraded my order to a better bulb at no charge!!:D Along in the package I got a tube of m&ms, as much as I love chocolate, That was definitely a perk!! Tina
Yep, are awesome people to deal with esp. on express orders. I ordered my 150W HQI / Actinics from them on friday, got it on monday morning and the packaging was very well managed. It took me 30 minutes to dismantled the whole box!